CO2, H2 or N2 concentrations are measured continuously

Very low detection limits in dissolved and gaseous applications

Low maintenance costs: one single annual maintenance is necessary

The presence of other gases in the environment does not affect the measurements

Fast response time +/- 30 sec.

Easy air calibration process

Stainless steel construction: ideal for harsh plant conditions and high pressures

Resistance to high temperature and cleaning in place (CIP)

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In-line and package analysis

Dissolved and gaseous applications

Beverage production

Power-steam industry

Pharmaceutical industry

The thermal conductivity sensor is designed to continuously measure Carbon dioxide (CO2), Nitrogen (N2) or Hydrogen (H2).

It is ideal for high-precision measurements under harsh conditions. The measurement range varies from trace to saturation level. Its concept and precise mechanical assembly ensure an optimal performance, a life cycle of about 8 years and low maintenance costs.

Thermal Conductivity Sensors

Features and Benefits


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