Easy installation and use

  1. The inlet tube of the instrument can be easily connected to the sample to be measured. The sample flows into the flow chamber of the instrument and come into contact with the sensor membrane.

  1. A large graphical screen countinously displays real time concentration and temperature.

  1. Concentration displayed units range from 0.01 ppb to 100 ppm dissolved or 0.5 ppm to 100% gaseous

  1. System functions and settings configurated by keypad buttons. Menu-driven software.

  1. Real time clock

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Off-line, laboratory

Dissolved and gaseous applications

Beverage production


Power-steam industry

This portable analyzer complements Dextens oxygen or ozone sensors and is designed for off-line or laboratory measurements.  Built in stainless steel, this instrument is ideal for harsh conditions in breweries (O2) and for on-the-spot measurements in other industries (O2 and O3). 

It displays fast and precise measurement in both dissolved and gas phases. 

Portable gas analyzers for O2 / O3 measurement

Features and Benefits


Dextens Instruments AG  / Switzerland

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Easy sensor calibration process

  1. The sensor calibration process is defined step by step by the software

  2. One point calibration in air or any user-specified concentration

Simple Data Management

  1. Windows software enables to analyze the stored measurements.

  2. Stored measurements can be downloaded to a PC for analysis by using the RS-232 connection


  1. Stainless steel construction: ideal for measurements in harsh conditions

  2. Waterproof IP 65