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In the beverage production, measurement of dissolved and gaseous oxygen and of carbon dioxide is essential at different stages of the brewing process. The quality and shelf life of a final product can be affected by an excess or deficiency in oxygen. During the production the beverage may require an oxygenation process at high concentration levels, which need to be monitored by high precision sensors and instruments.

In pharmaceutical industries, ultra pure water is used during some production processes. High precision sensors are required to measure oxygen levels and ensure that oxygen traces are not present in ultra pure water.

Measurements of oxygen and ozone levels are critical in many chemical and petrochemical industries. For instance oxygen in feed gas can create a potential explosive mixture in chemical processes and incorrect levels of oxygen can influence the quality of the products.

In the semiconductor industry, etching process requires the use of water for the rinsing process of the chips. Measurement of oxygen level is critical to monitor the purity of the process water used in this process. An excess of dissolved oxygen level in the water can lead to high rejection rates of the chips in the production process.

Measurements of dissolved oxygen in nuclear plants are essential to monitor the corrosion process and to prevent dangerous situations occurring.

In power plants, the presence of oxygen in the water steam cycles can induce pitting of the pipes: high precision monitoring of oxygen levels is therefore very important.

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